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#diabetes #friendlydonuts #doughssaint #cronut #yum #eatwithhop


#diabetes #friendlydonuts #doughssaint #cronut #yum #eatwithhop

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The Most Realistic Game Ever

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Making the best out of the days I have left. When I look out my room window (which is on the ceiling), I can see the sunrise.I went to Les Calanques de Cassis and had a picnic/suntan session on the cliffs.

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it’s time

it’s time to starting cleaning my room and shipping things to cali. the next 3 weeks will be busy. maybe? last minute travellings, studying and souvenirs.

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WTF bugs! stoping biting me while im sleeping!!!!

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Y O U    S E E    B U T    Y O U    D O    N O T    O B S E R V E


Me and you.


There’s Benedict…


and then there’s Benedict


sometimes I forget they’re the same person

One of those jumping pics.             *super later gram* (at Arc de Triomf)

One of those jumping pics. *super later gram* (at Arc de Triomf)